Manageable Payment Plans

If your current print environment could use some tightening up, it may be time to consider a device leasing arrangement.

We offer a selection of leasing options for photocopiers and print devices, all with continuous servicing and support included in the price. While terms of these agreements can be altered to your preference, the central purpose is to allow clients to substitute a single purchase cost with fixed monthly payments over several years.

HP Printer in Office
HP Public Sector Print Scan Copier

Advantages of Leasing

Many North-Western organisations prefer leasing over purchasing their devices, and not just for the obvious financial benefits. While purchasing your photocopiers / printers commits you to devices that on average, live between three-to-five years; through this alternative, devices can be updated easily. This means that once your leased devices reach their end-of-life, you have the freedom to update your devices through a new contract for substantially less cost than purchasing new models.

Customisability is another clear benefit of a lease: amount of devices, print output levels, and lease length can be adjusted to your preference. Furthermore, terms of active contracts can be altered for your convenience, should the need arise.

Month-by-Month Contracts

Sometimes, organisations do not require a photocopier/print device for longer than a few months; or simply cannot afford to commit to long-term lease contracts.

For this reason, our print/photocopy devices are also available on flexible month-by-month contracts – with replenishment and technical support still included.

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What lease periods are available?

We offers 3, 4 or 5 year printer lease options.

Why are you different from other providers?

There is no magic formula to choosing a print provider, we try to make it as simple as possible for you. Our services have been purposefully designed to avoid being unnecessarily confusing or complicated. We want to help you keep moving your organisation forward.