What is Copier Leasing?

A copier lease is an equipment lease of a copy machine, printer, or any other multifunction device. Copier leasing usually comes with term options ranging from 24-60 months.

What lease periods are available?

We offer 3, 4 or 5 year printer lease options that is dependent on your requirements and finances.

Why are you different from other providers?

There is no magic formula to choosing a print provider, we try to make it as simple as possible for you. Our services have been purposefully designed to avoid being unnecessarily confusing or complicated. We want to help you keep moving your organisation forward.

What is a Managed Print Service, and how will it benefit me?

Typically, when you search for a photocopier device the print provider will offer Managed Print Services. Managed Print Services are printer leasing agreements offered by the provider to manage and support your print environment or device. This will include copiers, printers, and scanners as well as any software that you require to maximise security. By managing and supporting, the overall goal is to help you improve your organisational and financial efficiency and reduce your costs. We want you to get the help and support you need as easily and efficiently as possible, that’s why all your support needs are under one roof in our Managed Service Operations Centre. Perfectly complimented by our Client Portal that allows you to log service and consumable requests and managed your account online 24/7.

Do you offer a repair service if devices experience problems?

Yes we do, our lease agreements will typically include a service agreement which includes service requests and consumable requests to keep your business moving when a fault occurs. Our client portal is 24/7 and allows you to log a request so that we can get that sorted for you as soon as possible.

What are the 'fixed costs' and 'variable costs' in the agreement?

The fixed costs are the rental amount for the hardware and service over the lease period. A fixed cost is payable every month during the lease period.

The variable cost is the amount of pages you print. You only pay for what is printed in the variable costs. The variable cost is a half yearly payment.

Are you part of a bigger organisation?

Our Parent company is Apogee, which is an independent subsidiary of HP Inc. Apogee have over 30 years of expertise and innovation providing clients with the perfect combination of secure print, document and IT hardware and software.