Managed Print Services

Comprehensive Print Reporting

A Print Management Solution creates comprehensive reports on the frequency of scan, copy, and print jobs within your business – and provides transparency on the costs of each one. This can be calibrated on a per-user or per-department basis, depending on preference.

This service supports clients throughout North-West England with accurate print activity analytics; enabling them to update their print processes with confidence.

Accessibility Paired with Security

A Print Management service ensures full data security across your entire print fleet. This is accomplished, first and foremost, by preventing sensitive documents being left in print trays: utilising a system where documents are held on a secure server instead of being sent to the printer.  As well as providing protection against data breaches; this also means that documents can only be retrieved by users who provide a PIN, password, or contactless ID, meaning confidential information stays confidential.

However, this heightened security does not mean that accessibility is sacrificed. On the contrary, the ‘guest print’ feature means that guests and hybrid workers can easily access print devices; so long as they have permission from administrative staff. As a result, companies can continue to be agile and dynamic, whilst also benefiting from a secure, permission-based print environment.

Scan & Document Workflow


By allowing clients to assess companywide print behaviour, a Print Management Solution enables businesses to make better-informed print decisions, as well as:

  • Track print usage specific to user and/or department,
  • Track output volume and take measures to cut waste and save money,
  • Heighten print device security,
  • Ensure compliance control by setting up user defaults.

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